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Our purpose

We will make every effort to satisfy inquiries of people of persons interested to use quality, safe and excellent household chemicals. Do the order right now and you will be pleasantly surprised with quality and the range of our goods. It is easy to buy from us household chemicals, it is only necessary to add the goods which were pleasant to you to cart and to issue the order.

Absolute safety

Each European producer is under strict control from outside not only the state, but also public organizations. It guarantees that production of means of household chemicals is carried out in accurate compliance with the highest European quality standards, safety for life and health of citizens and environmental standards on safety of the surrounding environment. It means that choosing household chemicals for purchase, you completely ensure a guarantee of maintaining health and can be sure that you will not be responsible for destruction of the nature.

Household chemicals from Europe – it is favorable

We learned to count money long ago and to choose such goods which are favorable to us and our buyers. Not an exception and objects of household chemicals. The European producers understand our requirements and managed to reach the most optimum balance in the ratio of the price offer and quality of the made products. We import and we offer you the best and most popular and known products of household chemicals in the widest assortment that the eurochemistry could become constant and favorable objects for purchases to each house.
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